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If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, looking for quality legal services and support for you or your business; you are at the right place. At Private Legal you would find the best legal solutions for your business. Our services range from registering companies, drafting various employment and business agreements, as well as advising on various legal issues your business might face. Our Services incorporates the following:

Legal Support

Your business deserves efficient and reliable legal support and services. Without such legal support, a range of problems could arise. Contact us to assess your legal requirements to bring peace of mind to your operations.

Business Legal Partner

If your business entails providing consultancy services for the private sector, it might be required of you to attend to legal issues as well as a by-product of your service. For example, if you are approached to provide a report on the viability of the construction of a mall in a CBD, your report should also attend to the legal issues involved. Your report, therefore, has to be in line with the relevant bylaws and legislation etc. Click here to read more.

Business Support

We have the skills and expertise to draft a range of business documents for your business as well as provide various services required by your business. Finding the right people for the job is crucial, and we guarantee that we shall deliver.

Litigation Risk Assessments

Litigation Risk Assessment entails examining a business from top to bottom and tabulating the actual and potential risks to the business and those running it faces with regard to litigation. Litigation in this sense refers to that which results in liquidation and sequestration. Once we have analysed your litigation risk, we provide reports with workable and realistic solutions outlining risk alleviation, reduction and management. The assessment is business/client-specific, and therefore the tools used and the solutions provided would be different for every business and individual. Read more about this service.

Call Centre Support

Your business may be going places and requires a dedicated number for your staff or clients to call when dealing with business and legal issues. For example, if we draft all your contracts, why not have your client call us direct when finalising it, or should problems arise. Speak to us, we would assess if this service would work for your business.

Staff Training

Staff are the backbones of any business. They are the ones who steer the business and those who make mistakes which can cost your business dearly. We, therefore, offer a service where we train your staff on various laws applicable to your business, e.g. the CPA, NCA, POPI etc. Speak to us. We would be of invaluable service. Find out more.

We offer a range of services and products to sustain the operation of your business. Feel free to enquire us. They, however, include the following:

Credit Reports

Does doing business with creditworthy people matter to your business? If not, it should. Speak to us. We will provide you with the necessary consent documents, obtain the credit report and analyse it for you, based on your business requirements. Speak to us about your legal requirements.

Online Support

Gone are the days when one had to wait a few days to obtain solutions to your problems. In today’s information age, online and prompt support is essential. We make full use of technology and invite you to make use of our expertise Online. Speak to us. We will be of great service.

Business Agreements

Unless it’s in writing, it’s in the air, and there can be more than one version of the oral contract. When an agreement is in writing, disputes are minimised drastically, and enforcing agreements are much easier. We draft business agreements efficiently, and watertight. Put us to the test. Read more about our business agreements services.

Employment Contracts

Most businesses employ staff, and with that comes employment contracts. It’s very important that you and your employees know what the terms of employment are, and the responsibilities of all concerned. If things go wrong, many hours can be spent at the CCMA or labour court, just because the employment contract was inefficient. Let us attend to this aspect of your business. Read more about our employment contract drafting services.

Property Sales and Leases

We assist clients with the sale and purchasing of immovable property, which includes homes, vacant land, office blocks, flats etc. It is always a good idea to have a knowledgeable person to draft these agreements to avoid any problems that could easily arise. We also attend to leases. Read more.

Our Legal Partners

Should you require other legal services, not provided by us, feel free to visit our legal partners:

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf - Director
Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf – Director