Property Sales and Leases

At Private Legal (Pty) Ltd, we assist clients with the sale and purchasing of immovable property, which includes homes, vacant land, office blocks, flats etc. It is always a good idea to have a knowledgeable person draft these agreements to avoid and problems that could easily arise.


If you are a landlord and require lease agreements to be drafted; we would be able to assist. If this case, we would be happy to discuss the possibility of providing you with a fixed and reduced rate to draft all your lease agreements. Deliverables are important. And we understand that time is money. We will therefore ensure that our agreement with you incorporates time limits.

Feel free to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your business and property needs.

Setup your free 15-minute consultation with us

To set up a free 15-minute consultation with us, is quick and simple. Just click here. You do not need to visit our offices to have the consultation. You are however welcome to. The consultation may take place via Video (Skype or FaceTime), or over the telephone. During the consultation, we would assess what your business legal requirements are, and advise you whether we can assist you or not. More than likely we can.

After the free 15-minute consultation with us, we would email you a quotation for the specific service you require. You can then consider our quotation, and compare it to other quotations you may have. We are however confident that our quotation would be very competitive. To go ahead an make your free 15 minute consultation with us, click here. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Legal Partners

Should you require other legal services, not provided by us, feel free to visit our legal partners:

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