Business Legislation Compliance

All businesses are required to comply with legislation. Furthermore, certain laws would be specific to your business. It is therefore important that you and your staff understands, and complies with the various legislative and other measures in place in relation to your business.

Therefore, no person should start a business, or continued running it, without knowing what are all the legal requirements involved. Other than the necessary licenses that might be required for the operation of your business, there are also tax issues and various legislation that needs to be adhered to. By way of example, if your business makes use of chemicals, the environmental laws need to be adhered to. The legal requirement would also apply if you intend exporting goods or decide to run a transportation business. There are also internal requirements that need to be attended. Here the reference is made to UIF for employees, unions, insurances etc.

Furthermore, if you are in the business of providing credit, then the National Credit Act would apply. If, however, your business supplies goods and provides services, then the Consumer Protection Act would find application. Speak to us today.

We would identify all legal and administrative requirements that need to be attended to by your business prior, to and during its operation. This would save you time and money and let you concentrate on that which made you go into business in the first place. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this product further in relation to your business.

Our Legal Partners

Should you require other legal services, not provided by us, feel free to visit our legal partners:

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf - Director
Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf – Director